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Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are all the rage right now?  Why is this?  Well, simply put you never have to wear mascara and the results are even better.  The lashes are thickened AND lengthened to be truly amazing and beautiful.  We use medical grade adhesive and top quality products.  We are classically trained and licensed to perform these services in the greater Peoria and Central Illinois area.

Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions are where we adhere one man-made lash to one of your natural lashes.  So, if you have 100 lashes on each eye, then you'll have 100 lashes attached to your lashes.  Our other option is our 3-D lashes and that is where we adhere a pre-made fan of 3 lashes onto one natural lash.  They aren't as thick as the semi-permanent but they create more volume (the appearance of more lashes). So, if you have 100 lashes, then you'll have 300 lashes put on with the 3-D option.  

We have a few options for you to choose from with our Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions.  We offer a half set if you are just looking for a "pick me up".  However if you want the look of full and luscious lashes, then you'll want the full set.  

Full Set Eyelash Extensions
 Price / Time
Half Set
 $200 / up to 2 hours
Full Set 
 $275 / up to 3 hours

Times for the Full Set Eyelash Extensions above vary for many reasons.  We book the half sets for 2 hours and the full sets for 3 hours.  Your Esthetician may not need to use the full time.  To ensure a speedy service, please come in with NO MAKE-UP.  If you are used to wearing mascara, we recommend using a make-up remover at home, plus a cleansing and a shower to rinse off ALL make-up residue.  This will give you better lash retention as well.  

A Little Note On Lash Retention

It is normal to lose up to 50% of your new lashes in about 2 weeks.  There are many reasons for this.  The most common reasons are the oils that lashes are exposed to.  Oils are found in our cooking, moisturizers and also naturally produced in our skin.  We offer some amazing oil-free eye treatments if you need to switch.  This is also why we recommend you come every 2 weeks to keep your lashes looking fabulous.   We offer a few options for you to choose from based on how frequently you visit and what type of lash retention that you have.  Your esthetician can guide you to what will be best suited for you.

 Price / Time
Classic Lite Fill-In 
 $50 / up to 30 minutes
 last service no more than 2 weeks or great lash retention
Classic Full Fill-In
 $75 / up to 60 minutes
 last service no more than 3 weeks or moderate retention
Classice Mega Fill-In
  $100 / up to90 minutes
 last service right around 4 weeks or poor retention

Fill-ins require no less than 50% of your full set of lashes remaining.  They are recommended every 2-3 weeks for these eyelash extensions.  Exceeding 3 weeks before a fill-in may require a new full set. If you are a returning client within 6 months of your last appointment and need a full set, you will receive a 25% discount because we know that "life happens". 

Full Set of Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions 

This full set is often what most people are looking for.  We can also customize lengths for individuals who want short or longer lashes.  Lash Extensions really are an art form!