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  Suite 201

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About The Spa

At Vanilla Sugar, we have put an astounding amount of time into the development of our culture and environment.  We are a small boutique spa tucked away in the back of a building and don't even have a road sign.  This is a testimonial to the type of growth we've experienced while being here.  We are a group of skin care therapists that have decided to forgo expensive overhead so we can put our attention to our education and top quality services & products. We have a strong focus of creating balance both in our personal & professional lives.  

One of the things that you'll be sure to experience with is us is always a friendly smile.  You will probably even laugh, more than once.  We welcome you to experience our top notch and highly educated professionals in our calm and secluded little place in Peoria. 

Here are some things we have done to be more environmentally friendly:

  • We value a paperless philosophy
  • Any printing we do, we use 100% recycled paper (this includes our marketing materials). 
  • We pay bills online and offer paperless check out.
  • We have organic teas and purchased them from ""green companies."
  • We recycle paper, plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans and ink cartridges. 
  • We've painted with no VOC paints.
  • All of our old and or used equipment gets donated, or recycled.
  • We use longer lasting eco-friendly bulbs to conserve energy.
  • Our spa lights stay at their lowest when not in use, and not all bulbs are turned on during the day throughout the spa, just those that are deemed necessary.
  • Due to the high amount of laundry a spa can go through, we  use a high efficiency washer and dryer so that we use less water, and conserve electricity.
  • The soaps that we use for our laundry are bio-degradable, die-free and environmentally safe as well as concentrated.
  • We clean with green approved products.
  • We do not use any products tested on animals and we have numerous products with organic ingredients.
  • We use organic sheets.