Eyelash Extension Care 

If you are looking for the most amazing full set of lashes, and lashes that stay as full in-between fills, then there are some important things you can do to make that happen.

With all things being equal and you receive a quality lash service (trust us, there is often very poor quality lashes done out there) then you want your lashes to last as long as possible.  At Vanilla Sugar Face & Body, we want you to have a rocking set of lashes that you can show off to the world. 

When your lashes are not clean, the lashes we try to put on will either stick to residue (and will pop off prematurely because it's a weak bond)  or be repelled by oil (which makes them barely stick on and we can't get as many on as you would probably prefer).  When we apply lash extensions to natural lashes, it can almost be magnetic.  We dip the artificial lash extension in a very strong adhesive and then attach it to base of the natural lash (not the skin).  As we are applying it, a healthy dry lash will attract the lash extension like a magnetic.  When we see that happen, we know that the lash extension will have a strong bond that will last much longer.  This will also make your appointment go faster (woohoo, we know you've got places to be).

Here are the basic steps for Getting Fuller Lashes that will last longer

Deep Clean Your Lashes (before you receive any lash extensions)

Before you receive any lashes, whether it's a new set or a fill-in, be sure to completely cleanse your lashes.  When we say clean lashes, we mean REALLY clean.  If you are mascara lover, then you might be very surprised to learn that mascara, even when removed, often leaves residue.  You won't be able to see this with the naked eye, but your lash tech and her nifty magnifying lenses can see things that you can't.  We've actually seen mascara in lashes that has been there for a week.  This is what we recommend before a new set of lash extension or before a fill if you choose to wear a lot of eye makeup. 

1. Use a make-up remover.  This can be oil based or oil free.  However, you will only want to use oil-free make-up remover if you already have lash extensions on.  Use the make-up remover 2 days before your lash appointment and again the day before.  This will really help with getting all the mascara and eye makeup off.  

 2. After using the make up remover, cleanse your skin as usual, but be sure to cleanse your lashes with your face wash or a cleanser you can purchase while in the spa.  This will continue to remove any residue left behind and to remove any oils.  

3. Don't wear any eye-make up the day of your appointment.  A little foundation is generally ok, but just no eye make-up.  If you have mascara, eye shadow or eye-liner on, your Lash Tech will have to spend time taking it off and it will cut into your lash time.  Also, any oils and residues left behind are very difficult to remove without running water.  

4. Avoid wearing your eye cream the day of your appointment.  We know, that's crazy because we love our eye cream around here at the spa.  However, if your eye cream has any oils in it, those oils can get into the lashes and make a weaker bond.  The lash adhesive has to cure for 24 hours to become as strong as it can be and oil just gets in the way of that.

5. Avoid caffeine before your lash extension appointment.  The buzz we get from caffeine makes eyes twitch, which makes it difficult to put lashes on well.  Save your cup of joe for after a morning appointment or have it about 4 hours or greater prior to your appointment.

How to take care of your lash extensions

Now that you have eyelash extensions on, you'll want to protect your investment with a proper home-care regimen. 

  • Keep lashes dry for the first 24 hours

  • Avoid using oil based makeup remover near the eye area

  • Use lint free wants to cleans and groom the lashes daily to prevent oil and debris buildup

  • Be careful cleansing your face

  • Do not tint or perm your eyelashes AFTER you'v received extensions

  • Blot around the eye area to prevent saturating the lashes

  • No Q-tips as cotton can snag on the lashes

  • Do not curl your lashes with a mechanical eyelash curler

  • Try to sleep on your side or back, but do not sleep face down

  • Limit steam exposure to lashes

  • Avoid using a Sauna for 48 hours after having fresh lashes applied

  • Avoid lotions and creams on and in the lash area

  • Be careful around extreme heat from appliances and grills, as sudden bursts of heat can singe the tips of your lashes

  • Do not pull your lashes out, but have them professionally removed if you no longer want to have them

  • For semi-Permanent Lashes, see your lash stylist regularly for fill-ins to keep them full

  • If you want to wear mascara between fills, only apply it to the tips of your lashes and choose a water-based mascara

  • Please avoid pulling, twisting or tugging at your lashes.  It can rip out your natural lashes

  • Groom your lashes using a disposable mascara spoolie daily.  This also helps you to keep your lashes in place.

  • Avoid touching your lashes.  The oils from your hands will break down the adhesive. Plus you won't be spreading germs