+ Male Brazilian

All the hair is removed in the pubic area, including the butt crack (this is a favorite amongst most of our clients).

$85 | 45 minutes
+Modified Male Brazilian with trimming

All the hair is removed from the testicles, base of the penis (underside) and the butt crack. We leave hair at the top for you but can trim it down.

$85 | 45 minutes
+ Male Trimming

Can't take the discomfort of waxing, don't worry. We can still give you a trim.

$35 | 20 minutes
+ More Information

Male Brazilian FAQ's & Important Information. Please read before scheduling with us. Important Information

As much as we love waxing and would love to offer it to everybody, we have a few strict guidelines we expect of our clients. In order for us to provide the Best Male Brazilian Waxing service in Peoria Illinois, we hope you can understand where we are coming from.

Safety first! In order to have an appointment with us, we will require your full name, phone number and a correct home address. Don't worry, we won't send anything to your home if you would like your privacy! That is our promise to you. We require all this information for ALL of our clients.

Good Behavior! Yup, we've seen it all. We don't care if you have normally bodily reactions during your treatment (ex. an erection) but we do care how you communicate with us. If you are inappropriate for any reason, we will stop the service and you will be expected to pay for your full service. We are not a happy ending kind of place.


Will the treatment be painful?

Most Likely! However, we would like to say that it's a great decision to have a male Brazilian wax. Why? Because it just feels really awesome to have it done (well, the results of having it done anyway).

What does the Male Brazilian include?

A typical male Brazilian is from the navel to the anus and all the glory in-between. However, we can modify your treatment if you would like to leave some hair.

What should I do before arriving?

Stop shaving about 2-3 weeks before your Brazilian hair removal appointment. Your hair must be over 1/4" long but better results will be closer to the 1/2" length. If your hair is very long, you can trim it to around 1/2" Don't go crazy and trim too short. Hair at this length is easier to wax than 1/4"!

It always feels better to have your wax done on a clean body. Please shower or bath before coming to your appointment. However, if you are coming from work, we do have moist towels to use to freshen up.

Don't apply any lotion or oils, however staying hydrated does make a difference so drink up the water!

Wear loose fitting clothes. Even though it doesn't hurt after, you don't want to irritate the skin by wearing tight clothes.


  1. Just relax, it will help lessen the pain.

  2. Many of our clients take a Tylenol about an hour before their service.

  3. Don't get fresh with us! We are licensed professionals and we take our jobs seriously.

*** Please read our cancellation policy before booking.