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+ Female Brazilian Wax

A Brazilian Wax is the very popular bikini wax style that removes all of the hair that is on and around the pubic area, in the front and in the back - sometimes a small strip of hair is left. The skin is always left feeling silky, smooth. This is only one style of bikini waxing that women and men prefer during the hot Summer months. Those who wear bikinis and thongs are realizing the benefits of and confidence of decorative or complete hair removal. There are several different styles of waxing, if you do not want to go all the way with a full Brazilian bikini wax.

$65 | 20 minutes

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What to expect during your first waxing appointment


What makes our Brazilian the best in Town?

First and foremost, we NEVER double dip!!!! Secondly, our waxing specialists are very fast & funny! Why not have a laugh during, well, an awkward service? We also like to keep our spa CLEAN! Yes, it’s all too common to walk into a dirty business and when we are working in YOUR business, cleanliness is extremely important to us. Last but not least, another reason to choose us for your Brazilian wax is that we use products that we’ve had custom formulated for us and have techniques that slightly reduces the discomfort of the wax.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

This style of waxing was made popular in Brazil by the local women who wore thong bikinis. The skimpy material of the thongs made it necessary for them to remove all of the visible hair and this is where the name was born. In 1987, seven sisters from Brazil introduced the waxing method to New Yorkers and it caught on rather quickly.

For some, the process of getting all of the hair removed with hot melted wax is as painful as it sounds. But at Vanilla Sugar, we have had extensive training and practice in making the Brazilian much less painful. The Brazilian wax job has been criticized by many women because of the painful experience, but the women in Brazil seem to have no problem with the procedure. After time the hair grows back thinner and finer so this lessens the pain. The first time is usually the most uncomfortable but we are highly trained and quick to speed up the process.

When you opt for a Brazilian wax instead of shaving the area, there is less chance of ingrown hairs, no cuts, no stubble and the hair takes more than two weeks to grow back, compared to shaving, which takes a few days to turn to irritating, itchy stubble. At Vanilla Sugar, RAZOR is a bad word!