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We have a philosophy at Vanilla Sugar Face & Body that chemical peels are not to cause damage to the living dermis layer of the skin.  Our peels are gentle, yet highly effective in achieving results such as lightening hyperpigmentation caused by acne, hormones (melasma) and UV exposure (sun spots, large freckles).

Every peel is fully customized to treat your specific skin type.  For example, there is a big difference in how even dry and oily skin types respond to peels even when suffering from the same type of pigment disorder.

We highly recommend that when starting a peel series to get on a home care routine that will work well with your peels to achieve the results you are looking for.

After analyzing your skin condition, your esthetician will customize your peel to suite your needs.  The following peels below is a guideline.  Strength and the amount of layering we do will affect the time of the peel is left on and the results we are striving to achieve for you. 

Vanilla Sugar Face & Body proudly offers Corrective Peels from PCA SKIN. This brand, used and recommended by dermatologists, has been the Gold Standard in chemical peels  for over 20 years. PCA SKIN uses a gentle, progressive, low-dose approach for dramatic results with less side effects.

The time difference was taken after a series of 5 level 1 peels.  The melasma has been greatly reduced.  This form of melasma was brought on after client used birth control.  It was not an overly deep pigmentation and had lifted significantly.

Custom Corrective Skin Peels Level 1

$65 / 30 minutes ($45 add-on to any facial)

New to skin peels or facials?  Need a pick me up without actually peeling?  You can receive a peel without the peeling effect with our level 1 Chemical Peel options.  This choice is ideal if you have a special occasion you are preparing for or you want to take your facial results to the next level.  Your skin is left softer, brighter and fine lines are reduced.  

Custom Corrective Skin Peels Level 2

$100 / 30 minutes ($65 add-on to any facial)

This is our most highly requested peel option.  These advanced corrective peels treat dehydrated skin, remove hyperpigmentation, while diminishing blemishes, fine lines, scarring, and other signs of aging. After a deep cleanse and tone, this PCA Skin treatment complete with plumping phytohormones, lactic, azelaic and kojic acids is applied to the skin. The peel delivers refreshed, hydrated and perfected skin without discomfort or downtime. 

Customized Retinol Peel Level 3

$185 / 30 minutes 

Our level 3 Retinol Peel takes the skin to a whole new level.  This peel smooths, brightens and evens out the skin tone through increase cell turnover.  The best part of this peel is that you won't feel anything while receiving it.  In fact, if you do feel anything it might be a slight cooling sensation.  We can customize this peel to multiple levels.  If you have very resistant skin or have had a lot of skin treatments recently, this is the peel for you.  We can add active serums and peel boosters for even greater results.  

Acne Peels 

$100 / 30 minutes ($65 add-on to any facial)

Chemical peels are wonderful for rejuvenating the skin. Our Peoria Acne Specialists at Vanilla Sugar Face & Body offers medical grade chemical peels for acne. Chemical peels can also aid in acne scar removal and evening out acne scars. They might cause some actual peeling of the skin, leaving brand new, beautiful, glowing skin. Chemical peels should be performed about every 2-3 weeks with better results achieved with each consecutive peel.  If you are enrolled in our Acne Program, you will receive this service for the same price as our acne facial ($85).

Dermaplaning with Level 1 Peel (also called Facialplaning)

$95 / 30 minutes

Facialplaning/Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). At Vanilla Sugar, we offer this procedure with a light level 1 peel for an amazing result.  This treatment is recommended for brides to be, a special occasion or if you are having professional photographs done.  When the hair is removed, your makeup will be much more smoother on the skin and will have a more airbrushed finish.  As long as the hair is superficial vellus hair, it will grow back at the same rate and texture as before the treatment so there is no fear that the hair will grow back dark or thicker.   Dermaplaning alone can be performed for $50 and is a 20 minute treatment. 

Recommended Treatment Frequency For Corrective Needs (up to 5 treatments and then can move into a maintenance program).
  • Acne - every 2 weeks
  • Hyperpigmentation & Anti-Aging - every 10-14 days 
  • Rosacea & Maintenance - every 4-6 weeks