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Vanilla Sugar 3D Volume Lashes

With years of experience, we've learned what most people are looking for in lash extensions.  We offer a very popular & unique lash service to the classic semi-permanent lash extensions. These lashes are our signature and highly requested service for those who are looking for long, full & awesome lashes.  

Our custom made silky lashes are applied to natural lashes  (with no damage) while you lie down and relax on one of our ultra plush tables. They last indefinitely with 2-4 week fill-in's,  4-6 weeks without fill-in's and you can wear them until they grow out with your natural lashes or we can remove them professionally. Prices are for both eyes to be completed.  These are a great choice if you want lashes for a special occasion too.

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So what exactly are Vanilla Sugar 3D Volume Lashes?  These are the lashes you want if you want the WOW factor.  This is pretty much what everyone wants so it's what we advise for mos of our clients.  

Our special volume lashes are made up of fans that have 3 lashes to each fan.  We have them custom made for our spa only after a very long testing process to ensure they deliver an amazing look & are still very healthy for the natural lash.  They are attached to 1 natural lash.  So, most women can handle up to around 300 lashes (or 100 fans) to each eye.  The look is truly spectacular and is highly requested.  It is a very real look but also gives you that larger than life lash look you desire.  We can customize the look from natural to glamour.  Just talk to your Lash Artist about what you are looking for. 

Vanilla Sugar 3-D Signature Lash Sets Price List

Please note that each of our Estheticians/Lash Artists have different skill levels.  They all produce fabulous, healthy lashes.  Each one varies on time based on experience.  Our Master Lash Artists times will be quicker than our Senior Lash Artists but the look & skill will all be the same.

Full Set 3D Volume Lash Extensions $300 

This set is the bomb!  If you want showy eyes that will keep people guessing if they are real or not, then this is the set for you.  This set is right around 300 lashes per eye.

We have a rigorous training program and our lash artists are only allowed to perform services on you after they can pass our "quality assurance" practical exam. Each Lash Artist will perform a new lash set at different rates.  For example, a lash artisit with 5 years of experience may only take 75-90 minutes to put on an entire set of lashes.  A Lash Artist with less than a year of experience will take up to 3 hours to complete a set.  It doesn't mean that the quality of work suffers, it just takes more time for some people.  So, when scheduling lash extensions, we just wanted you to be aware of this when blocking out time.  

Vanilla Sugar 3-D Signature Lashes Fill-In's

3D Volume Lite Fill $50 / Up to 30 minutes

This express fill is great if you are very consistent with your appointments and don't require a large set of lashes.  

3D Volume Full Fill  $95 / Up To 60 Minutes

This is our most requested fill appointment and is usually scheduled every 2-3 weeks.  

3D Volume Mega Fill $125 / Up To 90 Minutes

This is the fill you may want to try if you started with a smaller set and want more, of if you went longer between lash appointments.  


1) The cleaner your lashes are, the more lashes you will receive during your appointment time with us.  Plus, your lashes will naturally adhere longer if you come in with them already clean.   This means no make-up.

2) Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointments to fill out any paperwork, use the rest room and make-up removal if you come with it on.  Plus this gives us proper set up time with you.

Lash Removal for Temporary Volume Lashes - $35 / per half hour

Some people need only a few lashes removed and some need a whole lot more.  We book in 30 minute increments for this.  

Lash Tinting / $25

Lash & Brow Tinting / $40

Check out the build up of lashes below.  We show you what it looks like to build up with the lashes. Although this isn't a completed set, you can understand the process a little better.

Simple Set

Building up 

Building up

Half Set