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About Waxing Services

You can watch our video on why you will NEVER see us double-dip.

About Waxing: Our expert level training at Vanilla Sugar Skin Care has had over 15 years of combined experience specializing in speed waxing and the Brazilian. We believe in the method of speed waxing so you do not have to be uncomfortable any longer than you need to be.


Safe and clean: Strict sanitation protocols are observed, including using disposable sticks that are discarded after every dip in the wax. Hospital grade cleaning solution ensures a safe and clean waxing experience.  We not only clean our rooms daily but every time it NEEDS to be cleaned during the day.


Comfort: Our training involves educating our clients on the best time of the day and month for waxing.  We also use a topical calming solution for those who are highly sensitive.  There are multiple types of waxes that we have available depending on the needs of the clients.


High Standards to Avoid Burning, Skin Lifting or Blistering: Although it is still possible to have any of these happen to you, we have very strict standards in how to reduce the chance of any of these happening, especially on the face.  We keep our waxes at VERY low temperatures and never put the wax on hot.  We also use a barrier balm before every facial wax and never over-wax the skin.  We have  gone way above industry standards and amplified it for your safety!

Watch our Most Frequently Asked Questions Video on Brazilian Wax! You can also view this directly on our Female Brazilian Waxing Page.

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