Lashes in Peoria, IL

Lashes & Brows

At Vanilla Sugar Face & body, we want to provide you excellence in all our services including Eyelash & Brow treatments. Who knew that offering these services would be such a joy for us here at Vanilla Sugar? Lash & brow services are truly unique and we like to take extra special care with you during these. Our main goal is give you an amazing enhancement to make you look and feel your best. Our Licensed Estheticians are highly skilled to perform these unique beauty services.


about our lash & brow treatments

We have a strong focus on sanitation & hygiene. All of our tools are clean and sanitized after each time they are used. We also use only medical grade, FDA approved adhesive for our lash extension applications.

When we wax, we ensure a safe and hygienic process as well. We never double dip, we keep our waxes at very low temperatures and for an added safety measure, if you are being treated for acne, we will only use hard wax or can perform tweezing. We find that safety first is essential to your well being.

If you are wanting to learn more about lash extensions, please visit our Lash Extensions Frequently Asked Questions page. Please also read through our website as we have lots of valuable information for you.


We schedule by appointment only. Please read our cancellation policies before booking.